Storm Watching at Rushcutters Bay

One of life’s simplest pleasures is just to sit and watch the weather, particularly when it’s exciting, and in somewhere new and exciting – don’t you think?
Although unplanned, that’s exactly what we ended up doing on our second day in Sydney. It was also a perfect example of how dramatic Sydney’s weather can be.
Harbour views at Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

Gorgeous marine views at Rushcutters Bay

Boats at Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

Boats bobbing up and down on the calm waters

Having been promised a beautiful sunny day by the weather forecast that morning, we set off to explore an affluent area of Sydney called Rushcutters Bay.
It was lovely and warm, the sun beaming down on our cheeks as we soaked in the views. One of the best things about going a little further out of the city is the view of the CBD that you get – of course including that iconic arch across the water.
This gorgeous area is known for its gobsmacking house prices – and they are pretty incredible properties to match! In fact, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise picked a beautiful house here that perfectly resembles a dolls’ house, and celebs including Ronan Keating and Delta Goodrem have often graced the Daily Mail’s ‘sidebar of shame’ whilst being papped jogging in this beautiful, tranquil part of the city.
Views of Sydney Harbour Bridge from Rushcutters Bay

All about those views

With views like this, you can hardly blame them for wanting to live here. It’s such a peaceful area, and offers unique views of the Harbour Bridge.
As we admired the views, our attention was soon switched to the tumbling grey clouds overhead. Before we had much chance to head back, the heavens quite literally opened…
Watching the rain from a cricket pavilion

Taking shelter from the storm in a cricket pavilion

We were forced to run (not so elegantly in flip flops) to a nearby cricket pavilion, where hordes of fitness fanatics and tennis players were also taking shelter from the storm. There was the loudest thunder I have ever heard – it was pretty terrifying!
But as frustrating as it was, there was something incredibly peaceful about life being put on hold for a moment – simply to come together, take a few minutes, and watch the sheets of rain pour down, only to watch the weather shift once again.
Such transience soon brought a mere patter of rain, and the dark grey sky slowly became a pale shade of blue. Clouds became white. And tiny rays of sunshine popped out to say hello again.
Stormy skies over Sydney Harbour Bridge

Grey skies over Sydney Harbour Bridge

We eventually braved it back through Kings Cross, and couldn’t believe it when the rain started drying up and the sun began twinkling again.
I think these matches sum up today’s weather pretty well – it’s surprising how quickly nature can change from being a blossoming day that’s full of life with the sun beaming down, to one that’s suddenly burnt out, grey, and at a complete standstill. But there’s something magical about that, isn’t there?
'Almost Once' matches sculpture in Sydney

‘Almost Once’ signifies life and death, burning out, and the cost of living life to the full


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