Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Today was all about Manly. Manly’s a Sydney suburb with a beautiful sprawling beach, a palm fringed promenade, and several chilled bars and restaurants. It was a slice of just what we needed after the past few hectic days which were spent zipping around downtown Melbourne and Sydney.

To get there, we boarded the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay, which is pretty cheap and a treat in itself. Just take a look at these views.

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Manly Ferry

The bridge from the ferry


There’s something so peaceful about watching the Harbour Bridge slip out of sight and the CBD come into full view whilst we bobbed up and down on the ocean.

Half an hour later, we landed in Manly. We walked along the leafy promenade, past bustling shops and eateries, in search, once again, of the sea.

The leafy promenades of Manly, Sydney

The leafy promenades of Manly

We picked a great day for it too! Not a cloud in the sky.


Manly Beach

It was so lovely we decided to take a bit of a stroll, picking the popular Manly to Shelly Beach coastal walk. The scenery just gets better!


It didn’t take long until we reached Shelly Beach. There are lots of things to do along the way too. Simply sit on a bench, people watch, and wile the world away.

Or, for the more active, you can take a dip in the freshwater pool.

The freshwater pool at Manly Beach


Shelly Beach


Yep, the sparkling water really is that clear.

There’s also a nature trail along the way, where you can attempt to spot tiny sculptures of creatures native to the area.

Things to spot along the way at the Manly to Shelley Beach walk


Plane art at Manly Beach, Sydney

Plane art from above

After all that walking, we worked up a bit of an appetite. Courtesy of my parents’ recommendation thanks to their previous visit to Manly, we knew exactly where to go and headed straight for the Manly Grill.

Al fresco dining at Manly Grill

With views of the coast and the promenade, it’s the perfect spot for people watching, and offers some great food. Of course, we all went for steak.


I picked the Steak Oscar – a fillet steak topped with a crab cake and asparagus, served with one of the best jacket potatoes I’ve ever had and sour cream, drizzled in béarnaise. It was incredible! I’d highly recommend the restaurant to anyone visiting Manly.



After all that amazing food, we headed back to the ferry – having had such a great day, I’ve got a feeling this won’t be our last visit to Manly.

Where would you recommend visiting in Manly?

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