Glastonbury Festival: Part 2

Saturday! And we were ready for more bands and more partying.

There was only one thing holding us back… again.

The rain.

So we ‘camped out’ (geddit) in the tent and waited for the worst of the drizzle to stop.

Taking time for breakfast, naturally…

First up – Royal Blood on the John Peel Stage.

A new duo on the block, even the compere was amazed at how much noise one guy on the drums and another on the bass can actually create – they were very impressive!

Check them out here

Probably one of my favourite acts of the whole weekend.

Once they’d finished, we attempted to make a quick pilgrimage to the Pyramid Stage.


The mud was well and truly sticky by now, making things a little more difficult.

It’s never fun when you move your foot, and the welly doesn’t go with it…

We hopped over eventually in time for Lana Del Rey.

Her moodiness oozed across the crowd – she really does have a dramatic theatrical presence.

‘Born to Die’ even made it rain. Check out those grey clouds again…

Desperately hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday, they eventually shifted.

Check out her incredible set here – she is so, so effortlessly cool.

Taking another trudge through the mud once she’d finished, we went to The Other Stage to see Imagine Dragons.

They were brilliant! 

Jumping on to the stage having rolled in mud, you could just sense how excited they were to be playing Glastonbury. I had kind of expected more synth/electronic music from them, but they were all about the drums! In fact, at one point nearly all the band were beating a drum.

They were just so happy and really made the crowd energetic.

And, of course, they cheered with the crowd once the sun eventually made an appearance.

Things were definitely about to get brighter…

Jack White was one of the acts I had been most looking forward to seeing all weekend.

But he was, I’m sad to say, a little disappointing.

Clearly far too drunk on red wine (which he swigged relentlessly from the bottle during his set), he culminated in tripping over the drum kit… (do watch!)

See his set here.

After numerous appeals from the crowd, he did eventually play ‘Six Nation Army’, which went down a treat…

It was then a waiting game.

Time for… (as they called themselves) Glastallica.

Metallica aren’t particularly to myself or Jo’s musical taste. 

But given all the controversy they received upon the announcement they’d be headlining the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday, we felt we at least had to experience a snippet in the flesh.

Defying all the stereotypes of long-haired metal rockers, we sported pink flowers and neon paint in the crowd whilst we waited (this could only ever happen at Glastonbury, I’m sure!)

Although they seemed to be pretty excited to be there, we weren’t so sure about them.

The crowd was apparently pretty scarce compared to the usual headliner crowd, and despite even launching hundreds of black Metallica beach balls, most of those we spoke to after weren’t too impressed either.

What do you think? Watch here.

We set off in search of our own party, and didn’t get back until the VERY early hours…!

It’s SUNDAY! …Already!

Aware that the weekend was slipping away far too quickly, we were determined to make the most of our last full day at Glasto.

We packed it full of bands and pear cider.

The 1975 were BRILLIANT! And oh so cool. See here.

Followed by the Pyramid stage’s supposedly biggest crowd EVER.

Yep, it could only be Ms Parton!

And she was SO good! Given most of the crowd didn’t really know many of her songs besides the obvious – Jolene, 9 to 5, Islands in the Stream – she was a lovely, bubbly character who took multiple opportunities to make the crowd laugh and even impress us with her bejewelled sax skills.

If you don’t watch anything else, give this some attention.

Then the second in a great line up of the Pyramid Stage: the UK’s most famous ginger, Ed Sheeran.

A lovely guy, I couldn’t help feeling that despite his popularity, he would have sounded more amazing on a smaller stage.

But he was good!

…And Jo was undoubtedly ecstatic to see him! Did you enjoy his set?

Before one of my favourite bands of all time…


I simply had to get up on the shoulders for this one…

Just look at all those people!

Check their set out right here – and you may even spot someone you recognise at 12’35”

They were awesome!

Then even more excitement for the final headliner of the weekend…


Having secured a great spot near the front in the middle throughout the day, we donned our Kasabian skeleton masks and got ready to dance.

Easily my favourite band of the weekend.

So cool. So energetic. So crazy!

And even Noel Fielding popped out with Serge to say hi!

There were flares, inflatable dinosaurs, and the crazy crowd even literally lifted us up so we didn’t even have to jump!

Of course, we made it onto the BBC!

Spot Jo with the pink flowers!

Once Kasabian were done, by no means did anything end there.

Oh no.

In fact, things were only just getting started.

Having found Arcadia absolutely packed to the rafters, we hopped over to Shangri-La, a clubby area that can be described as none other than absolutely fricking crazy!

It literally felt like one big hallucination!

A random waterfall…

A tree inside a haunted house style club, where you could hang a wish and read others’ wishes.

Think anything from sentimental to downright stupid!

An area where we were surrounded by people dressed in Day of the Dead outfits (you can even get your face painted while you wait in a coffin if you fancy!?)

Then, the 2014 theme of heaven and hell.

We found ourselves in hell (naturally).

With so much to see and do, the party doesn’t really ever end.

We saw much more of the sunrise than we had intended!

But what a crazy, incredible few days it was!

Virtually no festival is like it, and I can fully understand why people travel across the world to visit.

We were understandably very sad to leave…

Did you go to Glastonbury? Or even watch it on TV?

Who did you watch? 


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