Dubrovnik Sunsets

Dubrovnik Sunsets

After climbing the City Walls, we’d heard all about the incredible views you can see by catching the cable car up to the top of the city. So we did just that.

In a fluke, we timed it just right to catch the sunset from the top.





If you don’t venture beyond the viewing platforms built into the top of the cable car with restaurants, you can’t really see anything at all. Instead, walk through the building and take a left. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even hire a buggy to explore a little further. You’ll be glad you did – it’s incredibly serene, and we saw very few people up there with us.


When the golden orb finally disappeared into the silky ocean, we headed back to our apartment to sleep!

The next day, we woke early and headed down to the coast to go sea kayaking. Sadly, due to a malfunction with my waterproof camera on our first day (in typical fashion!), I couldn’t catch any snaps, but it was an awesome experience. Plenty of tours head out from the Dubrovnik shores, and they include everything you need, from waterproof bags to bottles of water.

You get a tour around the city walls and past the island of Lokrum – which is supposedly bad luck, hence you can’t stay there any later than 8pm. I warn you now that the rowing is hard work, but you’re treated to a beach retreat located in a tiny cove. There, you can snorkel amongst fish, jump from cliffs, or simply relax with a sandwich. Throughout the tour, your guide will talk you through top facts about the scenes you’ll pass.

After a spot of sunbathing and dipping into the sea at the same beach as the day before, we snacked on authentic pizza and lemon sorbet cocktails, before heading back to our home from home.


We got ready and set off for the city. Dubrovnik Old Town is even more magical at night, with the old buildings lit by the moon and old-fashioned lights fitted upon the walls, making the smooth marble pavement glisten.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, either in big, open courtyards with waitresses keeping the wine flowing, or nestled down passageways with twinkling candles at each table. We opted for the latter, and stumbled across this little gem, and had some of the best sea bass I’ve had, whilst Jo went for the tuna.



Leaving Dubrovnik the next morning was bittersweet – sad to leave such a beautiful city, but so excited to move onto our next destination. Hvar, we’re coming for you!


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